Aluminum For Automotive Parts

Aluminum for automotive belongs to the common used aluminum sheet product, which has the advantages of high elongation, high tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity and high formability. In recent years, with the popularity of lightweight and save energy, the application of aluminum and aluminum alloys in automotive has been increasing, and aluminum sheet metal are also widely used in automobiles, such as new energy vehicle battery soft connection, automobile interior decoration, etc.

aluminum for automotive

Sheet aluminum for automotive can meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, drawing), high formability, and more importantly, the specific gravity of aluminum is small, used to manufacture auto parts, which can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle and improve the power of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust pollution, and has good plasticity and recyclability, so aluminum sheet metal is an ideal automotive lightweight material.

Aluminum automotive sheet metal has an advantage in price due to its relatively simple production process and mature technology. There are many aluminum sheet manufacturers on the market that can produce automotive aluminum sheets, and customers can easily obtain them. About its price, how much is a ton, different aluminum sheet manufacturers have different prices.

The price of aluminum for automotive parts is related to the market price of aluminum ingots and the processing fees of manufacturers. When the price of aluminum ingots rises, the quotations of manufacturers will rise accordingly. Secondly, product specifications are one of the main factors affecting the price of automotive aluminum sheets. For products with different thicknesses, widths and states, the processing fees of manufacturers are different. If you want to get the detailed price, you can click the online customer service on the right to get it for free.




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