Aluminum Sheet Metal For Vehicle

Energy saving, environmental protection and safety are the main topics of concern for the automotive industry in the world today, and automobile lightweighting technology is an important way to achieve this goal. Research shows that for every 10% reduction in vehicle weight, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% to 8%. There are mainly 2 ways to realize the lightweighting of automobiles. One is to optimize the design of the vehicle structure; the other is to use lightweight materials. The former has been continuously researched and developed, and is becoming more and more perfect, and the space has been relatively narrow. The latter, with the development of science and technology and the emergence of new materials, has opened up a wide space for the lightweighting of automobiles. The most direct way to achieve lightweight body is to use a large number of aluminum sheet metal alloy lightweight materials in the body manufacturing process.

Aluminum sheet metal for vehicle is currently more used light metal materials in automotive industry. Because of its low density and high specific strength, aluminum alloy can still significantly improve the rigidity of body parts in a significant weight reduction at the same time, can effectively reduce the weight of the body, pure aluminum density is about 1/3 of steel, a single piece can be lightened by about 50%, high strength, corrosion resistance and good weather resistance, can be 100% recycled. 6014 aluminum sheet metal, 6016 aluminum sheet metal, 6061 aluminum sheet metal, 5052 aluminum sheet metal, 5083 aluminum sheet metal, 1060 aluminum sheet metal are all aluminum alloy sheets often used in modern automobiles.

aluminum sheet metal for vehicle

6061 medium thickness plate aluminum for vehicle is commonly used in automobile wheels. 6061 alloy aluminum sheet metal is a heavyweight product developed by Haomei Aluminum, and we have very mature technology. We can produce and process thickness range: 0.30-600mm, width range: 150-2600mm.

5052 aluminum alloy sheet for vehicle is mostly used for automotive fuel tank material, fuel tank material with 5052 aluminum plate corrosion resistance, impact resistance, service life, recycling value, etc. are far superior to carbon steel and plastic, Haomei aluminum production of 5052 automotive sheet metal processing technology is skilled, stable product performance, with good molding and processing performance, corrosion resistance.

5083 aluminum for vehicle in the tanker use more, the width can be up to 2600mm, the length is mostly 12000-16000mm, Haomei aluminum introduced six-roller cold rolling machine can do 2650mm, is the rare domestic ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturers.

1060 aluminum sheet metal for vehicle is more embodied in new energy vehicles, 1060 aluminum sheet can be used for power battery soft connection, 1060 aluminum sheet for automotive heat shield, 1060 aluminum can also be used for aluminum spacers, bus bar in many aspects.




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