Automotive Body Sheet For Sale

Automotive body sheet for sale mainly refer to automotive decorative parts, such as engine hoods, roofs, doors, front beams, car bumpers, car seats, front and rear fenders and trunk covers, etc. Aluminum metal currently shows an increasing trend in the use of automobiles, and the automotive body mainly uses aluminum alloy. Let's take a closer look at the performance of the aluminum sheet for automotive body panels.

automotive body sheet for sale

Performance characteristics of automotive aluminum sheet -aluminum sheet for automotive body sheet for sale:

1. It has good plasticity;

2. It has good weldability;

3. It has excellent corrosion resistance;

4. It has good weldability;

5. The surface cleanliness of the automotive body sheet is high, and the shape of the sheet is good.

The price of 1 ton of automotive aluminum sheet - aluminum sheet for automotive body panels varies greatly due to different manufacturers, different specifications, and even different thicknesses and conditions. In addition, the specific price of the automotive aluminum sheet - aluminum sheet for automotive body panels is also affected by the price of aluminum ingots. Therefore, the specific price needs to be analyzed in detail. If you have a desire for in-depth understanding, please feel free to inquire online. Our professional personnel will give a specific preferential offer based on your actual needs.

Here, we introduce an experienced manufacturer with nearly 30 years of rich experience in aluminum plate for automotive production. The automotive aluminum sheet - aluminum sheet for automotive body panels produced by this manufacturer have excellent performance. They adopt advanced foreign technology and combine with the actual demands of the domestic user market for research and development. The auto body sheets have high cleanliness, stable and reliable performance, and excellent corrosion resistance, making them very suitable for automotive aluminum sheets - automotive body panels.

The automotive body sheet for sale produced by Haomei Aluminum Industry adopts high-quality raw materials, and the selection of suppliers is also strictly screened to ensure the quality of the products from the source. Moreover, each product has undergone multiple quality inspections to ensure that each product meets high-quality standards when it leaves the factory.




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