Car Sheet Metal

Alloy: 5052, 5182, 5754, 6016, 6014, 6111

Temper: O, H32, T4, T6

Thickness: 0.5-600mm

Width: 20-2600mm

Application: Cars

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Aluminum car sheet metal material substitutions for automotive closures have the potential to rekindle the passion for innovative vehicle design. In recent years, carmakers have increasingly turned to aluminium sheet metal for its lightweighting and energy absorption capacities.


We love cars that are fun to drive and safe. But we also want every dirham to count at the petrol pump and to limit the environmental impact of our driving. Cars that are built using aluminium are lighter and use less fuel per kilometre. Electric cars made with aluminium can go further on each charge. That is why more and more of the metal of the future is used to make the vehicles on our roads.


Haomei Aluminium has exported automotive aluminum for international car-makers for decades. Today vehicle companies are making parts for some of the most famous global car brands using our metal.In the gas-guzzling 1970s the average car only contained about 35 kilograms of light-weight aluminium, and a lot of other materials like steel. Experts expect the average car to contain 250 kilograms of aluminium by 2025.

The Specification of Car Sheet Metal Are:

aluminum car sheet metal

Technically and economically promising aluminium car body concepts are the result of aluminium-oriented design concepts and properly adapted fabrication technologies. With its different product forms (sheets, extrusions, castings, etc.), aluminium offers a wide variety of design options.


A most important advantage of aluminium compared to steel is the additional availability of extruded, single- or multi-hole profiles with complicated cross sections and thin-walled, intricately shaped castings with excellent mechanical properties. These components cannot be only beneficially used for load-carrying and/or stiffening functions, but may also serve as joining elements. 

The Properties of Car Sheet Metal Thickness are:

aluminium car sheet metal

car sheet metal thickness

The Advantages of Sheet Metal for Welding Cars are:

● increased strength due to age hardenability --> down gauging

● no stretcher strain marks --> suitable for visible inner panels

● same alloy family as outer sheet --> easier process scrap


● formability sufficient for most panels

classic car sheet metal

sheet metal for welding cars

car sheet metal gauge