Automotive Aluminum

Alloy: 5052, 5182, 5754, 6016, 6014, 6111

Temper: O, H32, T4, T6

Thickness: 0.5-600mm

Width: 20-2600mm

Application: Vehicle making

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Auto sheet metal means automotive aluminum used for processing panels and components in vehicles. Aluminium is the material of choice to address one of the key challenges of the automotive industry, lightweighting. Haomei Aluminum solutions help global automotive manufacturers produce lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as electric vehicles with greater range. Material lightweighting reduces CO2 emissions, ensuring a more sustainable future for the industry.


Aluminum alloy sheets for automobiles can be divided into two categories: general sheet and plate, which are used for various automobiles and used to manufacture various parts; body panels, namely ABS plates (auto body sheet), are exclusively for The outer covering sheet metal parts are stamped for passenger cars. The application of ABS in automobiles still has great potential, and its aluminization rate is still very low.


In 2011, the application of thin steel plates in automobiles around the world was about 20,000 kt. It can be calculated that the amount of aluminum plates should reach 9,000 kt. Of course, it is impossible for all of them to be used. Replacement of aluminum alloy plate, if 90% can be replaced by ABS aluminum alloy plate, the amount of aluminum plate should reach about 8000kt, but the consumption of aluminum ABS plate in the world this year is only 500kt, and aluminum aluminide is only 6.25%. Of course, it is a long process or almost impossible for the aluminization rate of automobile ABS plates to reach 60%, but it is completely possible to replace the thin steel plates used in vans and most special vehicles with aluminum, reaching 90% aluminum.

The Specification of Auto Sheet Metal are:

auto sheet metal aluminum

auto sheet metal

automotive aluminum

The Properties of Automotive Aluminum are:

automotive aluminum alloy

automotive aluminum process

The Advantages of Auto Aluminum are:

Continuous growth in automotive use

Use of automotive aluminum has grown continuously for 40 years. Aluminum is now second only to steel as the most used material in vehicles.


Recycled at record levels

At the end of a vehicle's life, nearly 90 percent of the aluminum on average is recycled.


Energy efficiency

Compared with a fleet of traditional steel vehicles, aluminum use saves the equivalent of 108 million barrels of crude oil in energy.



Pound for pound, aluminum can absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel. Larger crush zones can be designed without corresponding weight penalties.

auto aluminum

aluminium in automotive industry

autobody aluminium alloy sheet