Aluminum Used In Cars

Aluminum used in cars from the body frame to the internal engine cylinder block, cylinder head, clutch housing, brake parts and cover. The use of aluminum plates in automobile manufacturing is nothing new, especially in recent years, it has been more widely used. Automobile aluminum sheet materials can be seen in places such as shells, which is also easy to accelerate the process of automobile lightweight. Automobile aluminum sheet metal processing automobile related parts can effectively reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, thereby improving the overall performance of the vehicle, and achieving energy saving and emission reduction.

aluminum used in cars

Aluminum used in cars for automobiles have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good tensile properties, and corrosion resistance. They are good materials for automobile manufacturing and parts processing. Due to the restriction of price factors, in terms of material selection in my country's automobile manufacturing industry, the use of aluminum sheets to process related parts for automobiles has not yet been widely popularized. In addition to price factors, processing technology is also on the one hand, but with the continuous improvement of car aluminum technology, the resolution of these constraints will not be too far away.

The following are commonly alloy aluminum used in cars for various parts:

1. Automobile body, commonly used aluminum alloy materials mainly include 2000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series alloy aluminum plates, profiles, pipes and high-performance cast aluminum. Different types of aluminum alloy materials are used for different stressed parts. Currently, 6000 series alloys are the main force of auto body sheet.

2. The car chassis is made of aluminum alloy plates for 5000 series or 6000 series cars.

3. Car frame, the most stressed part of the body is made of 2000 series or 7000 series materials, which can be strengthened by heat treatment.

4. The car seat is made of 2000 series or 6000 series aluminum alloy material, which can be strengthened by heat treatment.

5. The skin part, the secondary stress part of the car body, adopts 5000 series or 6000 series materials.

6. The door part is made of 5000 series or 6000 series aluminum alloy material.




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