Car Sheet Metal Thickness MM

With the development of the trend of automobile lightweight, the use of aluminum sheet metal in the automobile is also becoming more and more mature. For example, 5182 and 6061 aluminum sheet, the two alloy aluminum sheet metal are often used in the production of automobile four doors and two covers. The car sheet metal thickness mm can be 2-4mm, applied to doors, automobile front and rear covers, chassis, lifters, wings, wheels, etc.

car sheet metal thickness mm

The production process of aluminum car sheet metal needs to focus on the key factors such as anti-aging stability, formability, baking hardening, surface treatment technology, etc., In order to meet the mechanical properties, process performance and functional requirements of parts of aluminum alloy car sheet metal at the same time. The production process of aluminum alloy cat sheet metal mainly includes molten casting → hot rolling → cold rolling → heat treatment (quenching/annealing) and other processes, in which continuous solution Heat treatment process is the key factor that affects the performance of the outer car sheet metal. The cover outer panel adopts a new aluminum alloy material, which is heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy with good formability, strong corrosion resistance, high strength and better high temperature resistance, etc. The strength of this type of material will be improved by paint baking after stamping and forming, with baking paint hardening function. At the same time, the yield strength and tensile strength of the new material are similar to those of steel plates, and the processing hardening index is higher than that of steel plates.

The car sheet metal thickness mm can be customized according to actual requirement. The cat sheet metal in aluminum5182 and 6061 produce by Haomei Aluminum has flat plate, superior quality, good corrosion resistance, with medium strength, tensile strength, high yield strength, good cold working performance, excellent welding performance, good weight reduction and energy saving, its safety and comfort are better provided, and easy to recycle and reuse. The corrosion resistance of aluminum car sheet metal will also reduce the corrosion of rainwater and oil sludge on the car and prolong the use of the car.




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